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Art Papers is an Atlanta-based bimonthly art magazine and non-profit organization dedicated to the examination of art and culture in the world today. Its mission is to provide an independent and accessible forum for the exchange of perspectives on the role of contemporary art as a socially relevant and engaged discourse. This mission is implemented through the publication of Art Papers magazine and the presentation of public programs.

History and profile

Art Papers was established in 1976 as the internal newsletter (originally known as Atlanta Art Workers Coalition Newspaper) of the Atlanta Art Workers Coalition. The AAWC was formed in 1976 under the premise to “promote, protect, and aid the visual artists of Atlanta through programs focused on the need of individual artists and art groups.” In addition to the newspaper, the coalition maintained other programs and publications: an Information Resource Center; the Coalition Gallery; and the Metro Atlanta Directory of Visual Arts. In 1980, the newspaper was renamed Atlanta Art Papers and soon evolved into a publication to encourage the growth of art criticism in Georgia. Atlanta Art Papers became Art Papers in 1981 and has since developed into an internationally and nationally recognized platform for contemporary art document, experiment and criticism while also rooted in Southern identity. In addition to the bi-monthly magazine, Art Papers, as a non-profit organization, supports programming such as a live lecture series called Art Papers Live, an artist project commission series Art Papers Learn, and an exhibitions program. Art Papers has been a recipient of various grants and fellowships including the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. The Editor and Artistic Director is Sarah Higgins. The magazine is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Notable editors-in-chief

Julia Fenton, Founding Editor (1975-1977)

Laura Lieberman, Co-Founder and Editor (1977-1984)

Dan R. Talley, Co-Founder and Editor (1980-1982)

Sylvie Fortin (2004-2012), formerly Executive and Artistic Director La Biennale de Montréal

Victoria Camblin (2013–2018)

Sarah Higgins, Editor and Artistic Director (2018–present)

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