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ArtRabbit is an independent digital art platform for promoting, discovering and appreciating contemporary art and visual culture.

Born out of a love for contemporary art and a lack of resources for finding art events, our hope was, and still is, to get people everywhere to experience more art. We want to make art as accessible as possible. For those who love art, this means making art easier to find. For those who have yet to fall in love with art, this means making it less daunting to step into an art space. And for those who work with art, this means having access to powerful tools to help you share, promote, and educate about art and your programmes, enabling you to do even more with your art.

Why art?

So many reasons. Experiencing art is a vital part of anyone’s growth. Art promotes individual and collective wellbeing. Art enables one to engage with visual culture critically. Art produces new ideas and provides space for those ideas to truly flourish. Art nurtures empathy and aids in recalibrating moral aptitude. Art inspires. Art encourages a culture of aesthetic literacy and promotes creative exchange. ArtRabbit was founded on the idea that anyone and everyone should have access to art.

Art is for everyone, and we strive to make that possible.

Who we serve

This is all for you, fellow art lover. We all know art can be hard, but we think it should be approachable and accessible for all. Our platform provides you with everything you need to find out about art events around you, whenever you have some time to spare. Take advantage of all that we offer by signing up, and discover the best ways to use ArtRabbit.

It’s also for you, art world practitioners. Without you, the artists, the curators, the gallerists, theorists and writers, our lives would be just a little emptier, a little duller. So this is a thank you for the work that you do. ArtRabbit is a free tool for you to promote your events and exhibitions and share them with the world. Click through to learn how to make the most out of ArtRabbit as an art practitioner, whether you’re an artist, curator, or a gallery, museum, venue.

Our services

ArtRabbit provides a crowd-sourced database of contemporary art events, allowing art professionals and enthusiasts alike to have access to and easily navigate the uneven terrain of contemporary art. List your art events and exhibitions on ArtRabbit and we’ll share them with a growing community of art professionals and enthusiasts via our user-friendly website, a handy mobile app, weekly email newsletters for London, the UK, Berlin and New York, as well as various social media channels (find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn). We also publish articles about things going on in the art world, create guides for students and art newbies, announce degree shows happening in the UK and beyond, and produce an editorialised list of artist opportunities, updated weekly.

Who we are

We’re a small team of editors, producers and programmers who are passionate (read: obsessed) with art. We come from a variety of backgrounds (art history, theory, design, technology, education), but we’re all driven by the desire to make art more freely accessible to everyone. We want to steer away from hard-to-read museum texts and make it easy for anyone to walk into a gallery space with their head held high, engage with works on their own terms, and above all, to enjoy art. Joseph Beuys famously claimed that everyone is an artist. Taking inspiration from this, we go one step further by saying that anyone can (and should) be their own art critic. With ArtRabbit, anyone can.

We are Tom Elsner, Vivi Kallinikou, Igor Clark, Sandy Di Yu, Nina Cieminska, Rosa Blens

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