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Reaching readers since 1999 at the ArtsEditor website with independent arts journalism in the areas of visual, performing, literary, film, and musical arts.

Founded and based in Boston, we’ve published hundreds of original feature articles, news items, and opinion pieces, and we’ll continue to publish stories happening anywhere with the help of local arts journalists. ArtsEditor seeks contributing journalists and editors who possess the ability to question, reason, and reach independent conclusions through lively, expressive, rigorous prose.

A trusted resource for readers, ArtsEditor distinguishes itself through high-quality writing but also its approach to the online medium. Digital technology has already dismantled significant boundaries between creation and criticism. We aim to preserve the implicit strengths of an educated, authoritative voice while embracing the fluidity of an open medium with fewer physical, personal, and geographic constraints.

The ArtsEditor association with Distributed Media Lab is underway since 2019.

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