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Launched in 2010, Berlin Art Link is a digital magazine focused on contemporary art and culture.

Through the publication of studio visits, critical exhibition reviews, artist profiles, interviews and videos, our aim is to represent the diversity of the contemporary art scene—from the choice of media to the artists themselves—through an unconventionally critical lens. With correspondents in cultural capitals like Berlin, New York, London, and Los Angeles, the magazine is a popular source for the best of visual art, design, music and film from a contemporary art perspective. The website also serves as a guide to Berlin’s local art scene through weekly event postings, art space listings, open calls and more.

Our Team

Publishers: Monica Salazar, Anna Russ

Art Director and Designer: Susann Zielinski

Editor-in-Chief: Alison Hugill

Writing Assistants: Alice Connolly O’Brien

SEO Consulting: Veronika Hykova

Videographer: Peter Cairns

Programmer: Enda O’Donoghue

Contributing Writers

TL Andrews, Diane Barbé, Sofia Bergmann, Lucile Bouvard, Benjamin Busch, Jesse Cumming, Julianne Cordray, April Dell, Lee Escobedo, Dagmara Genda, Karina Griffith, Johanna Hardt, Isabelle Hore-Thorburn, Marta Jecu, Beatrix Joyce, William Kherbek, Nora Kovacs, Göksu Kunak, Lucia Longhi, Lucia Love, Nat Marcus, Sarah Messerschmidt, Rebecca Partridge, Nina Prader, Jack Radley, Penny Rafferty, Sumugan Sivanesan, Mitch Speed, Michelle Standley, Romily Alice Walden, Celia Wickham, Ilyn Wong

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