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We work with creators to uncover issues and stories that matter through the lens of authenticity, inclusivity, and conversation. An audience-first, personalized approach allows us to speak to the many or the few, united by a boundless curiosity about the changing world and our place in it.


Leadership Team

Bryan Goldberg

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Kathy Kaplan

Chief Financial Officer


Jason Wagenheim

President & Chief Revenue Officer


Trisha Dearborn

Chief People Officer


Emma Rosenblum

Chief Content Officer, Lifestyle & Parenting


Joshua Topolsky

Chief Content Officer, Culture & Innovation


Tyler Love

Chief Technology Officer


Kimberly Bernhardt

Executive Vice President, Communications


Emily DeSear

Executive Vice President, Creative & Marketing


Kai Hsing

Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales Operations


Meghan Muntean

Executive Vice President, Commerce & Revenue Development


Sharon Mussalli

Executive Vice President, Revenue & Operations


Sharmi Gandhi

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development


Pamela Glassman

Senior Vice President, Sales


Karen Hibbert

Senior Vice President, Creative


Zahra Jabini

Senior Vice President, Engineering


Janine Krause

Senior Vice President, Sales


Kim Morin

Senior Vice President, Advertising Operations


Kate Robinson

Senior Vice President, Content Distribution & Partnerships


Jessica Studholme

Senior Vice President, Sales


Carrie Walpole

Senior Vice President, Client Experience


Jackie Bernstein

Vice President, Branded Content


Wesley Bonner

Vice President, Marketing & Audience Development


Amanda Chan

Vice President, Content Strategy


Amy DeVleeschouwer

Vice President, Brand Strategy


Evan Pfeffer

Vice President, Programmatic Solutions


Tiffany Reid

Vice President, Fashion, Lifestyle


Nita Sitaram

Vice President, Product Management


Jessica Tarlov

Vice President, Research & Consumer Insight


Winton Welsh

Vice President, Engineering

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