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Hi-Fructose began as a quarterly print art magazine, founded by artists, Attaboy and Annie Owens in 2005. Hi-Fructose focuses squarely on the art which transcends genre and trend, assuring readers thorough coverage and content that is informative and original. Hi-Fructose showcases an amalgamation of new contemporary, emerging as well distinguished artists, with a spotlight on awe inspiring spectacles from round the world.

Hi-Fructose‘s social media audience (over 2 million combined followers) is vast, with over 900K followers on Instagram, over 700K followers on Facebook, 293K followers on Tumblr, and 52,000 followers on Twitter.

Hi-Fructose Magazine Quarterly Print Magazine is distributed internationally and carried in major bookstore chains including premium locations at Barnes & Noble, Hastings as well as major art store chains, boutiques, galleries and news stands worldwide. In the U.K, Hi-Fructose is now available at WH Smith’s, Waterstones, and many high street locations.

Major wholesale distribution: CMG, ANC (through CMG), Diamond Comics Distribution, Small Changes, Silver Sprocket.

Each beautifully designed, full color issue is printed on high quality paper. Hi-Fructose goes beyond the comfort zone of the “alternative” norm to deliver a diverse cross section of the most influential, genre bending art of our time as well as breaking new and amazing talents.

Readers of Hi-Fructose in print and online are seeking to satisfy their cravings for new and unique art: Hi-Fructose content informs trends in mainstream media including film, fashion and design.

Founders & Editors in Chief | Daniel “Attaboy” Seifert & Annie Owens-Seifert

Assistant to the Chief Editors | Abbie Connors

Contributing Writers | Andy Smith, Silke Tudor, Liz Ohanesian, Clayton Schuster, Harrison Cook

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