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Random Magazine has a long story. The first version went online in 2001 as a single webpage hosted by the art portal Exibart.com, but it soon grew into a bigger project. I used to post everyday a short article about Net Art, using the site as a public diary of my daily surfing sessions.

In 2005 I decided to get Random a brand new web address and a real publishing platform. A lot of people started to contribute and the topics began to widen, including all forms of digital creativity (video, installations, music, games). In 2008 year I decided to take a rest, giving myself the time to think about the future of this project I love so much.

In 2009, Random Magazine went back online, and it was very active until mid 2011.

This year, after a ten year story, Random finally quits, but stays online with its entire archive.

Valentina Tanni

Thanks to all the smart people who contributed to Random Magazine over the years:

Raffaella Albamonte Siciliano, Antonio Ametrano, Francesco Antolini, Laura Barreca, Luca Bertini, Francesca D’Antona, Francesca de Nicolò, Dlsan, Luca Diffuse, Luca Fanelli, Marco Enrico Giacomelli, Luna Gubinelli, Damiana Luzzi, Rachele Maffia, Paulo Maiora, Licia Mandrioli, Lucia Mariani, Federica Martini, Daniele Movarelli, Santa Nastro, Luigi Pagliarini, Monica Ponzini, Domenico Quaranta, Claudio Sichel, Maria Rita Silvestri, Alice Spadacini, Massimiliano Tonelli, Lino Trinchini

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