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Raw Vision is a British magazine devoted to outsider art and edited by John Maizels. It features content about the subject worldwide.


Raw Vision was founded by John Maizels in 1989 as a way of telling people about outsider art with a small freelance staff and text contributed by scholars. Each issue features outsider artists from different countries, as well as covering general news on the subject of outsider art from around the world.

In 2007, Raw Vision was described as “outsider art’s Rolling Stone”, as it is the only international publication whose exclusive content is outsider art. Over the years it has featured several hundred self-taught and visionary artists, many of whom were completely unknown. It also features visionary environments—sculpture gardens, self built architecture and unique buildings.

It defines outsider art as “creative expression that exist outside accepted cultural norms, or the realm of ‘fine art'”, and says that its “creators would not consider themselves artists, nor would they even feel that they were producing art at all.”

When I came across [outsider art] I was just so amazed by it, it was so powerful and it had such strong personal meaning… people are revealing themselves, their demons, their own aspirations, their own inner feelings … They don’t go to exhibitions or private views, they just work. They’ve got an inner compulsion.

- John Maizels, founder of Raw Vision

Source: Wikipedia

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