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Scene360, the critically acclaimed digital magazine founded in 2000 by The Tattoo Journalist, was one of the first fine-art magazines on the internet. Because of its commitment to authentic journalism, Scene360 has established itself as one of the industry’s leaders in tattoo publishing since 2010.

Scene360 published “Ta’too” book in 2020. It has also documented tattoo legends like Charlie Cartwright and Kari Barba and newschool artists Jio and Paradox.

Scene360 has attracted 70 million readers and 5 million social media followers. Concentrating its efforts on the popular channels Tiktok and Instagram.

Scene360 was nominated for a Webby Award four times and was named the 2015 winner of the “Best Art Website” category. A three-time Pixel Award winner for “Art” and “People’s Champ,” a two-time Platinum A‘ Design Award winner, a SXSW finalist, and The Lovies shortlister.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following past editors and contributors: Martyn Conterio, Antony Bitel, Cathy Lo, Jenny Eng, Lech Deregowski, Ilene Roizman, Stuart Balcomb, Astrid Antonia, and Martin Popovski.

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