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SuccoAcido is a free-magazine about art, cinema, comics, music, theatre and writing.

SuccoAcido was born as black and white free-press on December 2000 in the deep south of Italy: Sicily. In total 19 issues distributed in Italy and Europe untill 2005 when SuccoAcido became a online magazine due to financial failure.

Since summer 2012 SuccoAcido is back on paper again.

We decided this in order to pay tribute to a beautiful story that has contributed much to history of fanzines.

SuccoAcido main purpose is to try and build bridges between different cultural worlds. SuccoAcido free-press connects different circuits in a very simple way being distributed worldwide for free to art galleries, bands, bookshops, music distributors and labels, theatres to let them better know each others. Since 2000 we think this sort of mixed distribution contribute to extend respective user’s basins and, last but not least, stimulate to intersect different artistic and executive productions.

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